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Record Store Day 2019

13th of April, 2019. Record Store Day. It’s the day when vinyl lovers flock to the Record Stores and delve into their love of the Vinyl Revolution. From exclusive vinyl releases, sought-after rare finds and one-off classics for the old and new music collector, Record Store Day guarantees unique finds and spectacular picks at your local Record Store.

Inspired by Free Comic Book Day, Record Store Day was birthed in Baltimore 2007 before going on to impact the music industry in a big way. Twelve years later, record labels around the world are releasing hundreds of records, cassettes and music specifically pressed for the day, with over 250,000 fans across the UK expected to queue around the block of their local music shop.

We’ve taken a dive into the 2019 releases and picked some of our favourites.

Our Picks for Record Store Day 2019

The World of David Bowie

An often neglected piece of the Bowie back catalogue. Davie Bowie released most of these tracks before Space Oddity and Ziggy Stardust were a twinkle in his eye. From the original Decca world of series, this is a far cry from the Bowie classics you likely know and love. Think more in tone to The Kinks Than signature Bowie.

The Northern Soul Scene

A real primer for the new Northern Soul aficionado. A pack of classic Northern Soul tracks, rarities and oddities, on 2LP heavyweight vinyl. With everything from The Bats to Mickey Moonshine and David Essex, this is a great way to recapture that classic Northern Magic.

The Rockfield Studio Tracks - Joe Strummer

A limited edition selection from the Joe Strummer archive. This 12” features Cool Impossible and Forbidden City - released for the first time since the legendary vocalist of The Clash took to the Rockfield Studio in 1993. This is a must buy.

10 Commandments / You’re Wondering Now (Live) - The Specials

A record has never been so relevant. This brand new release captures all of that Specials magic with a real commentary on the state of the day. The 10 Commandments features Saffiyah Kahn, who made the headlines when she confronted the English Defence League in 2017. You’re Wondering Now is particularly iconic - featuring an impromptu performance with Amy Winehouse, live at V Festival in 2009.

Bigger Than America - Heaven 17

This is a beauty. Heaven 17 continue to rock up and down the country with incendiary performances - but the Sheffield Boys’ back catalogue is still a real Aladdin’s cave. This is the first time the 1996 album has been reissued - on translucent orange vinyl - with the eyecatching artwork by Ray Smith in all of its glory.

The Psychedelic Sounds Of… - 13th Floor Elevators

The first ever Psychedelic rock album. True, that may be up for debate with many, but the 13th Floor Elevators’ first ever release in 1966 is an impossibly cool record for any collection - with the vibrant cover art and some of the most groundbreaking music to ever hit the airwaves.

Trout Mask Replica - Captain Beefheart (and his magic band)

Absurdist blues, experimental to the extreme - and often dubbed one of the greatest records of all time. If you don’t have this in your catalogue, you need it. No question. This is the first time the album has been available on Vinyl in over ten years, remastered with the Zappa Family Trust and Bob Ludwig. Don’t miss it.

The Fall - Gorillaz

In 2010, Damon Albarn & Jamie Hewlett’s virtual band took to America with Paul Simonon, Mick Jones, Bobby Womack and more. The band put together a sort of virtual, musical diary - using nothing more elegant than an Ipad. This isn’t the usual Gorillaz output - but there’s real style in the spaced out bleeps, bloops and rattles captured from the snake infested Americas.

Pianos, Strings and Some Other Things - Jeff Wayne

A selection of reinterpretations from the illustrious composer of War of the Worlds, with four iconic tracks from one of the best selling albums in history tackled with an unplugged sensibility to create an elegant set of beautifully tinkered instrumentals. The Eve of The War, Forever Autumn, The Red Weed and Brave New World as you’ve never heard them before.

Ecstasy - Lou Reed

The 18th and final album from a true pioneer. Lou Reed would go on to do collaborative work - but this is very much him and his voice alone. A concept album about his checkered past, this remaster was very much a defacto farewell from the wider music industry. Nearly six years after he left us, Lou Reed still resonates and demands attention.

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