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Introducing Kings Road Ivy

Just Launched – The King’s Road Ivy Collection. Only from Ben Sherman.

In 1946, a young Ben Sherman, born in Brighton, emigrated to the United States and explored a country finding its style. By the 1950s, fashion scenes and subculture were going through a trailblazing change that created an iconic time in men’s fashion.

The United States became the epicentre of the fashion world – and gave rise to the Ivy League style.

Inspired by vintage English upper classes at leisure, the Ivy League universities like Brown, Harvard and Colombia found their students dressed in polo shirts, knitted vests, cardigans and chinos, matched up with wingtip shoes.

Plaids and Argyles roamed the campus in knitwear and cotton – not to mention the Oxford Shirt. Ivy League Students became immediately recognisable, with a distinguished but comfortable style that combined status, style and leisurely rebellion.

The Ivy League style was fresh in his mind when he created the iconic Ben Sherman shirt; and we couldn’t get enough of it.

The shirt’s quality, attention to detail and wide range of patterns became an overnight sensation, and quickly developed this Kings Road Ivy League into a fresh new look; Britain took it into full throttle.

The mod movement had begun.

Our King’s Road Ivy League collection is inspired by the world of Ivy League Americana.

Student populations at leisure, with colourful patterns, a relaxed silhouette and a heritage feel that’s instantly recognisable.Take on 1960s America with a modern twist, and take the original Ben Sherman style to its logical conclusion.

Seek out the origins of the Mod Movement. Find the roots of the true original.
This is the King’s Road Ivy Collection – only from Ben Sherman.

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