The Last Word


Hailing from Hull, Life will be playing with Paris Youth Foundation at our Old Blue Last showcase gig on Thursday 6th June. We sat with the band to find out more about them ahead of the show.

What projects do you have coming up this year that you can tell us about?

LP number 2 is slated for release later on this year - we can’t wait for it to be out there. It’s honestly the best thing we have ever done and it will be a proud moment come release day. A first taste is available now through Moral Fibre (our first single off this body of work) - go check it!

Tell us about a game changing moment for LIFE.

It’s been an amazing year so far and there’s so much more to come. We’ve just finished a European tour with our mates Idles. Signed a record deal via Pias that has allowed us to maintain our DIY ethic and release on our own platform Afghan Moon. We have a ton of summer dates in the pipeline including Glastonbury and many a festival in Europe and from the Autumn onwards it gets so exciting we can’t even talk about it yet - so in short there are a lot of game changing moments probably because we live for every one of them and more.

LIFE’s music is constantly talking and analysing the society we live in. What is your message?

We believe in music and that music is the best and quickest way of escapism and finding comfort when needed because irrelevant of genre it is the music that you escape into and become free in that moment. As a band, that’s the most important aspect of creating music. In terms of social commentary we very much write about the present, the here and now of what’s going on around us and how our community work shapes what we see and describe in our lyrics. We would never shy from commenting on our own personal strife or that of vulnerable young people around us as we strongly feel music doesn’t need to be filtered but instead help improve dialogue around certain matters. We would never preach and if we were we’d already be preaching to the converted as I think our fans are all on the same page, however together we can help spread what we believe in.

What are 3 items of clothing each of the band couldn’t live without?

a. A good suit - essential life wear
b. Proper socks - not too thick not too thin and with a little bit of style
c. Blue French smock and worker jackets

In your eyes, what does Ben Sherman stand for?

Ben Sherman is all about the essential, tailor fitted suit. A real British fashion look that bangs constantly over time. I had a Ben Sherman bag all through school for my football kit.

Being chosen as a PRS Foundation momentum artist is an amazing achievement, what do you hope to gain from their funding and support?

The PRS Foundation momentum funding was vital to our trajectory and has played a massive part in our story it gave us the freedom to release our debut album Popular Music in 2017 before this we just released singles as that’s all we could afford to do.

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